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Picture of Gold Bullion Coin 0,5 gram 22K (Nadir Gram Coin)
Picture of Gold Bullion Coin 1 gram 24K (Nadir Gram Coin)

In the current economic climate and era where any sound and logical financial mind is advising micro and even macro investors to put their money into something a little sturdier and a little more reliable, gold coins can be your gateway to this new world of investment.

TR Gold Store provides a high variety of top quality and investment grade precious metal products, including bars, but also coins. TR Gold is the number one place to buy gold coins and secure your future.

Many believe that gold in coins is actually the best route down the path of ultimate investing in gold in order to amass a certain amount of this tangible asset.

So if you want to invest in gold and buy gold coins in Turkey, TR Gold should be your platform of choice. No matter where you are you can buy gold, which means you can even buy gold coins in Ankara.

Now, when it comes to selling gold coins, we know that the taste of our buyers might be difficult to satisfy. As such we offer a variety of gold coins, from which you can choose:

  • American Eagle Gold Coin
  • 1 oz Krugerrand Gold Coin
  • Gold Coin Maple Leaf
  • Gold Coin Marianne Rooster

Let’s briefly take a look at each coin. The American Eagle Gold Coin is one of the most prized and precious coins among collectors. One side of this coin depicts the truly iconic symbol of American might, of course, that is the American eagle. And on the other side, who else but the lady liberty herself.

And then there is the 1 oz Krugerrand Gold Coin. Now, this coin is really something else, unlike any other coin in our collection. This coin actually has African roots. This is why on the one side of the coin we have the picture of one of the previous presidents in the area that used to be known as South Africa. And on the other side, we have the elegant deer standing in front of a pond.

Then there are Gold Coin Maple Leaf and Gold Coin Marianne Rooster, both of which in fact represent a French speaking country. Obviously, the former representing Canada and the Latter that of the French rooster.

You can also buy gold bars on our website and learn the current prices of 24 carat gold bars.