Turkish Lira

Silver Coins

Second only to gold, silver coins are also among the top choice for buyers who are looking into turning their assets into something a little more reliable to guarantee the safety of their future finances.

TR Gold Store offers its users bullion coins, which are coins with the highest purity possible. This matter is of course also true about the silver coin.

A silver coin bullion has been manufactures from the highest purity of silver so it is perfect for investment in silver so that your portfolio would look a lot more diverse.

TR Gold specializes in all sorts of precious metals, particularly in Turkey, which means you can buy silver coins in Turkey and of course the ottoman silver coins.

So if you want to buy silver coins, you will have the chance to choose from a variety:

The Galileo Galilei Silver Coin is a silver coin that is different from all other coins in that it depicts the famous scientist and absolute visionary. Of course, you can guess his name from the coin, it is none other than the legendary Galileo.

The other one is the 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin which has features from the Austrian philharmonic group and also the Vienna national concert hall where this group gathers to play the legendary music of this country.

Then there is the 1 oz Kangaroo Silver Coin representing the land down under and its national animal, which also happens to be the symbol of this country. We are of course talking about Australia and Kangaroo.

On the list is also the 1 oz Silver Coin Bitcoin. As the namesake of the coin, Bitcoin is the inscription that has been used for this coin, symbolizing the tangible aspect of what is otherwise an only virtual coin. This way this coin gives a physical representation to a coin that only carries the name coin.

Last but not least, the 1 oz Maple Leaf Silver Coin is the pride of the Canadian spirit, brandishing the ever symbolic Canadian maple leaf.