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Picture of Silver Bar 20 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 100 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 250 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 500 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 10 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 50 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)
Picture of Silver Bar 1 Kilo / 1000 Gram (IGR Silver Bullion)

Some of the most well-known and seasoned financial and market experts are always advising people to purchase precious metals, such as silver. This is why at TR Gold we pride ourselves on having the platform that offers buyers silver bars.

Silver is among the top choice and most desired metals along with gold, copper, and other precious metals that are mostly chosen for investment. Now, why silver for investment is a great idea?

The issue with a lot of assets is that the buyer or owner cannot hold them physically. As such, when investors have their assets bound in non-tangible assets, the markets for those assets can feasibly be manipulated. But with tangible assets such as gold and silver, you have direct ownership and control over your asset.

Another term for tangible assets such as silver bullion is that many experts call them real assets. So why wouldn’t you want to have real assets as opposed to something else? TR Gold Store is the top choice if you a serious investor who wants to purchase silver bullion.

It is our top priority and top aim to provide diversity of options to our esteemed buyers, both in terms of the variety of products themselves and also with regard to the manufacturer of the products.

As such, İAR Silver Bar is among the silver bars that we have made possible to purchase by users. This is the top choice for anyone around the world and especially in Turkey. So you can buy silver bars in Turkey and of course buy silver bullion in Istanbul.

Furthermore, if you are in the market to buy a silver bar and are worried about which one to pick that meets your requirements and also your budget, then we have taken that into consideration as well. This is why we offer the following silver bars to our users at TR Gold:

As we mentioned before, numerous financial experts urge people to purchase any precious metal they can, even silver. So if you even start with a 1 oz silver bar, then that is the right choice. TR Gold sells only new and certified pure silver bars. The bars are 999 silver.

You can also buy gold bars on our website and learn the current prices of 24 carat gold bars.