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Electronic gold tester - GoldScreenSensor (GSS)

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Goldanalytix GoldScreenSensor – product features at a glance:

  • Gold tester for quick and simple authenticity testing of gold and silver
  • Suitable for coins and ingots from approximately 1/4 ounce to 1 ounce / 50g (also in capsules or blisters).
  • The simplified measurement mode is supplemented by the alloy assignment.
  • It also immediately identifies frequent and very dangerous imitations made of tungsten or tungsten alloys (this material has the same density as gold).
  • It is suitable for mobile applications.

The test is simple and straightforward:

  • Place the object in the sensor area;
  • Wait for the result (gold and silver alloys, platinum, palladium or typical counterfeit materials are displayed);
  • The fields of application are numerous: for precious metals traders, for banks, for private dealers, second-hand markets and all other situations of precious metals trading.

Scope of delivery:

  • Gold Screen Sensor
  • Calibration piece made of copper
  • Charger
  • Detailed user manual
  • Practical padded case
  • Quick information on the back of the device

The GoldScreenSensor (GSS) is an advanced electronic gold tester that uses advanced sensor technology to provide highly accurate results when testing the purity or karatage of gold. It is a portable and user-friendly device that can quickly and accurately test a variety of gold samples.

The GSS works by measuring the electrical conductivity of the gold sample using a special sensor. It is capable of testing gold samples from 6K to 24K and can also be used to test platinum.

To use the GSS, the user needs to first prepare the gold sample by cleaning it with a special eraser provided with the device. Then, the user can place the gold sample on the testing platform and press the button to initiate the testing process. The GSS will take multiple readings of the gold sample and use advanced algorithms to analyze the data and provide an accurate reading of the gold's purity or karatage.

One of the unique features of the GSS is its ability to detect counterfeit gold samples. It can detect the presence of tungsten, copper, and other metals commonly used to create fake gold samples, providing an added layer of security for gold buyers and sellers.

The GSS is a relatively expensive gold tester, but its advanced sensor technology and ability to detect counterfeit gold samples make it a popular choice among professional jewelers, pawnbrokers, and gold dealers who require highly accurate and reliable testing results.

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